3D Animation viewing:

Simply click on the highlighted video thumbnail to view that video or click on the large play arrow to play the current video. Some videos have sound some do not. Mousing over the TV screen diplays the control panel.



These videos demonstrate a variety of effects including; fluids, atmospheric, physics, mixing real video with animation, camera lens flare and advanced lighting and shadows with radiosity.

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3D Animation Videos

All 3D animations and images are done on a job by job basis. We believe anything is possible and if given enough information about any project, we can usually get things done the first or second try. We pride ourselves in really understanding what the client (you) imagines!

All videos were produced in house using the latest professional 3D modeling and animation software and additional image editing software.

For more information, email us at: contact@govindagraphics.com or contact@whatyouimagine.com