The Artist


Diane Neubauer

The Image Narrator


Lenore Vaccarello



Fractals Of God Gallery



My work for a long time has been sacred symbol graphic arts which has evolved into a deep attraction for fractal art. I am drawn to the uniqueness, beauty and the infinite possibilities it provides. Through exploration of the vast and varied information available today as well as the practice of meditation, I became aware of the Multi-Dimensional aspects of ourselves. This revealed that myriad realities exist along with our own third/fourth realities of experience. As I focus on the fractals, "something else" within often takes over and surprises and delights me with the combinations that can appear in my images on the computer screen. This process of creating has helped me to trust the inner guidance inherent in each of us. These images then reflect that I believe the Earth is in her Ascension phase, opening into the Fifth Dimensional or "Christ Consciousness" Age, when Unconditional Love for All Life will be the norm. They also honor the recognition that we live in a vast, Multi-Universe in which we all play a role.

Diane Neubauer

The relationship between art and the spiritual life has long been a focus of mine. It first presented itself in an independent study project done for my Master's Degree which was inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry, Starry Night". Through the years, my time as an educator and caregiver have inspired the attitude of being a lifelong learner. The study of Reiki and energy healing, in particular, have increased this passion within me. When I first saw Diane's fractal art, it represented energy in motion. The narrative which accompanies each piece came to me in this fashion: Each evening I placed the image at my bedside. In the morning, I would listen and then immediately write my impression. It was exciting and inspiring to be in touch with this work and offer my assistance.

Lenore Vaccarello



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